Kitty Rose & The Rattlers

Kitty Rose & The Rattlers mew, mew, mew with a bite!” – Grease Magazine
“Rose and her supporting cast hone in on that jazzy swing at the heart of good rockabilly. By shunning the chugga-chugga slap bass formula that makes a lot of modern-day rockabillians way too predictable, their songs make the most of Rose’s talents as a country artist and soul singer.” – Bobby Moore
“A cool 45 from a band to look out for!” – DJ Wildgoner
“Kitty Rose does a fine job revisiting early rock and roll with her own touches of Memphis soul.” – Stomp and Stammer, Atlanta GA
Kitty Rose & The Rattlers, voted the Best Rockabilly Band in Atlanta by fans of Grease Magazine and Garage 71 in 2017, release their first full-length album of all original southern-fried rockabilly. This self-titled release “Kitty Rose & The Rattlers” was recording in some of the most famous studios in the world, including Sun Studios, Memphis and Fidelitorium, known for its owner producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M.). 
With two previous vinyl single release, the first “Rockabilly Kitty Rose” followed by “Up Side Down” both on Crackerjill Music set the great American Rockabilly Riot, Thunder on the Beach, Rockin’ the Route 66 and many other rockabilly events around the country. All their previous tracks have been featured on not only, and various independent radio stations around the country, but also are gathering steam across the pond.